Have you ever dreamed of finding a magic lamp with a genie inside to grant your wishes on the spot? Some people would say that all you have to do is log onto…

What began in 1995 as an online bookstore named after the world’s largest river has grown into an online marketplace for buying and selling a wide variety of goods and services. Amazon, established in the Seattle basement of Jeff Bezos, has become a worldwide phenomenon and a household name.

The increasingly popular Prime membership is cost effective (only $99 per year) and is what has given Amazon its competitive edge. The introduction of Amazon Prime membership in 2005 granted consumers faster delivery for an annual fee and eventually expanded to include online tv and movie streaming. Numbers have jumped up by 35 percent in the last year alone to 54 million Prime memberships. That’s almost half of all the households in the country.

But what exactly is so “prime” about faster delivery? Almost anything your heart desires can be at your front doorstep in less than 2 days. In certain locations, Prime members can even download the Amazon NOW app, which delivers your package in under an hour. Amazon has also been playing around with the use of drones to deliver packages…

Technology? Or magic? You decide…

Video: The History of Amazon


One thought on “Amazon

  1. Another thoughtful post my granddaughter. Did you know the “swoop” on the logo indicates that they have everything you need for A to Z?


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