Every night before Walt Disney World’s famous Magic Kingdom closes for the night, a firework show lights up Cinderella’s 189-foot-tall the castle with brilliant light and a song very near and dear to my heart, Wishes. The “Wishes Nighttime Spectacular” is 12 minutes long and features state-of-the-art fireworks narrated by none other than Jiminy Cricket himself, and features all our favorite Disney characters voicing their wishes in perfect time with the lights streaming through the air The most anticipated feature, however, is when Tinkerbell flies across the sky. This charade is accomplished by attaching Tink to a system of invisible wires and a harness that propel her through the night sky, but it appears to the audience to be simply magical.



The Wishes show, reigning over the kingdom since 2003, is shortly being replaced by a new show called “Happily Ever After.” It will include lasers and light projections onto the castle that are set to make Magic Kingdom firework history. The new 18-minute show is set to debut on May 11, 2017.


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  1. As always, I love reading your posts. Hope you’re having a great summer so far and a better one ahead. Hope to see you soon. Love you!

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