(Disclaimer: Every post made prior to this one was written and graded for a course last semester.)

Now that my journalism class is over, I can write just about anything on my blog. No more formalities (Hi Mom!). I’m just writing to write, which is what makes me happiest.

If you’re wondering how I’m doing, I can tell you that I’m better than I’ve been in years. Sunshine and exercise are wonderful wonderful things.

Summer has come and gone just like that and I’ve had an eventful couple of months to say the least. Keeping up with my social life while working two jobs wasn’t easy, but I made it my priority to balance work with play… Okay, maybe there was a little too much play. Sue me. (Ha.)

With my Study Abroad trip to Newcastle just weeks away, I’m starting to get a little anxious. I never thought I’d be just as terrified as I am excited, but I’m confident that I will make the best of it just like I always do. I’m also very confident that I will get lost… just like I always do.

Anyways, I’m going to be creating a travel blog for one of my courses abroad, and i’ll be sure to link that to this one so those of you interested in my travels (my grandparents) can follow me on there too.

Be back soon. xx



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